Monday, January 12, 2009

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Stuart has convinced me to read the watchmen and Nick has started up his late 1930 "Call of Cthulhu" pulp game. I'm playing a former magician's assistant/occult shop owner, we also have a patriotic physicist, a man that was found wandering with no memories in Brazil who now works at a discredited university, a mafia daughter in a jazz band, and a cartoonist. Should be an interesting game.

Goal for the week 20hrs
sand boxes

With the extinction of the Dodo, the Victoria crowned pigeon (Goura victoria) is now the largest member of the dove family at about 5lbs. They are found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and are omnivores. During breeding they do that "special" thing other pigeons do where they ferment a milky white smelly substance in their crop, so that they can feed their young "pigeon milk" the first few days, I guess it's not just rock doves (city pigeons) that do that. They are said to be intelligent for pigeons and long lived at about 25 years. They are heavily hunted for their meat and feathers in the wild and so are threatened (it is estimated there are well under 10,000 left), but have been extensively bred in captivity.


  1. have you seen this yet? She does pretty fantastic stuff: