Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rainbow Boa

I got strangely depressed yesterday, hopefully today will go better.

Goal for the week still 20hrs lets try this again
sand boxes


The Rainbow boa (Epicrates cenchria) is a lovely snake with an iridescent shine that comes from the Amazon Basin. The Brazilian rainbow boa (E. c. cenchria) is probably the most impressive subspecies of rainbow boa with their bright red and orange markings. The iridescent scales are due to microscopic ridges on their scales that act like tiny prisms. They tend to look best right after a shed when the ridges are newest. These snakes are not at all uncommon in captivity, and are not generally reputed to the friendliest snakes, but are being very successfully captive bred. My cousin is a stage magician in Pigeon Forge TN and used to have a fairly impressive Columbian rainbow boa (E. c. maurus) that would help out with his acts. I suppose it would be not to difficult to get a boid to sit quietly in a box.

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