Friday, January 16, 2009

Troodon part 2 Mythology

We had a significant temperature drop last night and club was dead. There were 10 people including Rick and Kristen and their SOs. I hope Stuart wasn't too bored, I danced a little more then usual not being intimidated by the people. We also saw a little bit of a John Carpenter movie about liquid Satan in a Jar I'm not entirely sure what was going on there. Stuart had observed that the movie had physics comparable to the movie "Anaconda"'s grasp on zoology. Oh also mostly for Grace, you may wish to check out "The Merry Thoughts" its creepy how much they sound like the Sisters of Mercy.

Goal for the week 15hrs
assemble buffalo pipe
sand boxes

In researching Troodon formosus for my last snippet on the them which you can see here, I discovered that these guys had developed some pretty extensive modern mythology. The mythology mostly relates to the dinosaur men they might, had they not gone extinct, have evolved into, often called "Reptoids". Most of the mythology falls into three camps. There are some cryptozoologists that think dinosaur or reptile men may exist in remote areas such as Scrape Ore swamp, Thetis Lake, and Loveland Ohio where you get some lizardman type monsters. Then there are some ufology sorts that say reptoids evolved on a parallel earth in another dimension and occasionally visit this dimension and interact with grey aliens to some extent as some have seen them during their abductions. Then to elaborate on the ufology sorts there are some conspiracy theorists that think the reptoids can shapeshift and are infiltrating the US and UK goverments.


  1. Angela, hon - I told you about the Merry Thoughts about a month ago. I found 'em on :)

  2. Sorry, I completely forgot about that you are correct. I was loading cds on to my computer and just had a moment of "Grace would like this band".