Friday, January 30, 2009

The terrible hog of Holland

I took Tempest to the vet today. That was exciting. 

goal for the week 13.5 hours

The terrible hog of Holland (Dinohyus Hollandi) was a giant entelodont that not only would make a great monster in an rpg but also sounds like one of the things Hunter would have fought in the book "Neverwhere". Entelodonts were related to modern pigs and this one was very large at roughly the size of a bison they existed from the Oligocene to the Miocene in North America. It was not found in Holland and was in fact named after John Holland. The name was actually intended to be an insult to John Holland as he had a tendency to force his way to senior author of every paper so in this case the head line Dinohyus Hollandi  "World's biggest hog". The terrible hog of Holland was a likely a lot more carnivorous then modern pigs (not that modern pigs are not more carnivorous then you would think) and while still and omnivore probably ate a lot of carrion and preyed on small animals.

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