Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Striped Eel Catfish

I found out the live 365 station I'd been listening to will stop existing in March if you would like to check them out they can be found here. It is sad. Other then that, I got a registration sticker for my car today. As far as art I have exciting options available to me currently I can sand the 214 (well less now) similar boxes or I can sculpt scales. I may have to throw another project in so I don't lose my mind or stop working. Oh I did forget I'm doing Cryptic ConFusion in late January I put up a post in my other art Journal.

goal for the week 16hrs
sand boxes (I have a lot of boxes)

photo by Jens Petersen
The striped eel catfish (plotosus lineatus) is a saltwater catfish from the Indo-Pacific. They are the only catfish that regularly lives around reefs and they have a highly venomous serrated spine on their doral and pectoral fins that is occasionally fatal. The brightly striped juveniles then to hang out in large schools of up to 100 individuals in roughly a ball of fish shape.

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