Sunday, January 18, 2009

Harris hawk

Yesterday, I went to Mike's D&D game I was thinking it would be about a 3 hour game, but it turned out we were there more like 7 hours. That kind of ate up the day for me yesterday. I should be far more productive today. It looks like I will be doing Capricon in February. I could not really find any other February cons that would work. I suppose that will give me time to get this batch of boxes together and start something new for Cinema gallery.

Goal for the week not going to happen
sand boxes
work on dragon

The Harris hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus) is a pack hunting hawk from the southwestern United States and Central America. A harris hawk pack called a cast is generally made of all related family members. Typically, one will act as a flusher and the others will be ready to swoop down on the small animal, they then share the kill. They also have another strange behavior called stacking in which they will actually sit on one another's backs sometimes three high on top of a cactus. Researchers are still not entirely certain why they do this. They are very intelligent for birds of prey and quite trainable so they tend to be one of the more popular birds for falconers. Though if they are kept from a very young age by humans they will on occasion retain juvenile behavior and still scream for food when the human they have imprinted on as a parent is around.

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