Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese Mountain cat

I have little excuse for the lack of art yesterday. Before work I started reading the core book for the new game Stuart and I will be running and lost track of time. This game will be based on the Fate rpg system. Then after work I went to club, though it was good to see people. Bill threatened me with a toothpick at Perkins.

Goal for the week still 13.5 hours
still sanding boxes


The Chinese mountain cat (Felis bieti) is a very elusive cat roughly twice the size of a house cat from Western China. It is also known at the Chinese desert cat though it is not observed to live in deserts, and seems to prefer alpine valleys. It is one of the least known cats and it is thought that there are less then 10,000 of them in existence. They eat mostly small mammals such as pikas and pine voles, so they are quite vulnerable to pika poisoning campaigns. Pikas are have poisoned been poisoned in mass numbers in China since 1958, because it is believed they compete with livestock. The Chinese mountain cat has also been observed holding it's head to the ground to listen for mole-rats and then suddenly digging them out. They are primarily nocturnal and prefer to make their dens on south facing slopes, generally kittens can be found in these dens in May.

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