Thursday, January 15, 2009

Banana slug

I finished reading "The Watchmen" yesterday I can't say I expected the ending. Strangely they randomly decided to remove invoicing from my duties at work yesterday. I wonder if they are getting ready to lay me off. Though I did get a new key with everyone else so it is hard to say.

goat for the week 16.5hours
sand still more boxes
fire the buffalo pipe horns


In the coniferous rainforest of Pacific Northwest of North America they have giant yellow slugs, banana slugs (Ariolimax columbianus). They are considered to be the second largest slugs in the world at around 10 inches. There is a somewhat larger slug in Europe Limax cinereoniger it is however less electric yellow. Not that all banana slugs are electric yellow some have spots others are dark brown or green some are even white so they have a wide range of the states of bananas covered, this would probably be better camouflage if there were native bananas in the pacific northwest. To protect themselves from raccoons and other predators they can secrete an anesthetic slime that causes membranes to go numb and tastes unpleasant. They also secrete slime to keep themselves moist, travel, and attract mates (which really could be any other banana slug because they are all hermaphrodites).

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