Saturday, January 10, 2009


When I was given the duty of invoicing at my place of work they gave me a filing cabinet. In the filing cabinet there was an inexplicable pipe in the shape of a buffalo that seems to be a nice pipe made out of some specialty italian wood. I don't really smoke (smoking that would mix well with all the silica and plastic I breathe) so I just sat it on my desk for the novelty of a hornless buffalo pipe. I eventually gave it to another co worker who had it for about a year and then got laid off so it came back to me. I then gave it to Angel who intends to use it. He gave it back to me and asked me to add ceramic horns. I wonder if it will come back again.

Goal for the week 15hrs
sand boxes
work on dragon
finish casting crimson ghost for commission box (went with latex instead of silicone because it's cheaper and I only need a few)
sand commision box
paint commision box
make horns for the buffalo pipe for Angel


Tiktaalik (Tiktaalik roseae) is an extinct lobe-finned fish that existed around the Devonian in the area that became Canada. It is a transitional fossil between fish and tetrapods. Like fish it has fish-like scales and gills and like tetrapods it, also has lungs and a flexible neck. Like a tetrapod it's bone structure includes a shoulder, elbow and wrist bones, as well as musculature in the fins that would have been quite flexible. It likely could bear its weight with its fins. It was thought that the fish lived in shallow oxygen poor waters. It may have also occasionally pulled itself on to land in the manner of a lungfish. The name Tiktaalik came from an Inuit elders that suggested it since the fossils look like a local cod-like fish, a Burbot called a Tiktaalik in Inuit. Here is a shot of that fin/leg.

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