Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Goal for the week- some time


The human (Homo sapiens) is a large bipedal primate from east Africa, though humans have become invasive on all of the other continents. As an invasive species humans tend to out compete local predators and wreak havoc on the megafauna.  Like some corvids humans have the ability to alter tools to the purposes they are using them for. Due to a special setup of the larynx and hyoid bone humans have a large vocal range and can make a wide variety of noises. Humans tend to have elaborate social groups sometimes living in colonies of well over a million. Odd among mammals though not unlike sandhill cranes both male and female humans get involved in mating displays. Many other species also interact with humans in symbiotic ways such as the African wild cat and the jungle fowl. Humans oddly enough have the most reduced canines among primates, but tend to be quite omnivorous and often prey on large animals. In mythology humans are strangely prominent they are featured in the mythologies of most if not all cultures.

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