Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crested Anole

Someone knocked over and broke one of the pieces I had at Cinema Gallery so I need to see what needs to be done to repair that. If I have to replace the hands on this one again it will be kind of funny and the fourth time counting on this piece. The first time I made the hands for the piece and they were probably the best hands I'd ever made I got the veins of the back just right and then I dropped them as I was loading them in the kiln and was just sick. I tried to fix them but putting greenware porcelain back together is kind of iffy and in this case it ended up a lost cause. The next set not nearly as good I dropped on the way out of the kiln. The third set broke as I was attaching the piece to the base and dropped the whole piece. This last set I had made a little bigger and fired a lot higher and they had been good for months then someone knocked it over at the Gallery. I'll try them in ceramic one more time but it happens again I'm going to cast the friggin things in metal.

Goal for the week 19.25 hrs
make clay
look at Serenity and access damage
work on sphinx


When Stuart and I went to New Orleans I kept seeing a type of anole I was not familiar with, along with all the green and brown anoles and blue tailed skinks. It was brown and had a large back crest, and I was really curious as to what this thing was, you'd think I'd have seen it in a petstore somewhere with as many as there were. I speculated on what this odd anole with a crest's name might be, perhaps it had been named after the researcher that discovered it, or any number of other things. I hopefully did not annoy Stuart to much fixating on a strange lizard. We finally found a few in a tank at the aquarium and they were in fact the crested anole, so much for creative names. The crested anole (Anolis cristatellus) is not native to the U.S., actually being native to Puerto Rico, but have been fairly successful in establishing themselves. The males have crests bright orange dewlaps but the females do not.

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