Monday, April 20, 2009


I have progress shot of the sphinx so far it is now ready for detailing.
Goal for the week 20hrs
 work on the sphinx
look up and order materials for stop motion puppets.


In Natchez mythology the cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) brought fire to humanity. There are several legends as to how the cardinal got it red color. In an Iroquoi story vulture gave cardinal his feathers when vulture decided that he did not look good in red while trying on the feathers of every bird. The cardinal got his red feathers from wolf in a Cherokee story in which  raccoon seals wolf's eyes shut with excrement while wolf is sleeping. Cardinal helps wolf get get the excrement off his eyes and as a reward wolf gives cardinal some red paint. The Algonquin have a story for how cardinal ended up a bird at all. In the story cardinal and blackbird were men that lived near a lake one day they went out of their normal territory to gather wild rice. The people in that territory asked them what they were doing and they explained that they were gathering wild rice because they were tired of wild potatoes. The people that lived in the area with the wild rice decided to kill cardinal and blackbird and steal their potatoes. Cardinal and blackbird got wind of this and fled the people in the form of birds. They never returned to human form for fear that the people would kill them. 

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