Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy faced spider

Yesterday, I should have been doing art but instead I killed a lot of giant naked mole rats in fallout 3.

Goal for the week 20hrs
work on the sphinx


The Hawaiian happy face spider (theridion grallator) is a kind of ironic animal, it has highly variable markings but often has a smiley face on it's abdomen. It is theorized that it's odd markings help to keep away birds and other predators, however they really are not sure about that. A really bizarre thing about it's marking is the pattern of inheritance varies depending upon which of the islands it is on. On Maui the spiders inherit there markings in a very predictable Mendelian way. On on other islands the patterns are sex limited. In some cases its color is altered by the food the spider is eating. They are also odd in that the female actually cares for her young, she guards the eggs until they hatch, then brings food to the newborn spiders.

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