Friday, April 24, 2009

Giant Sea Scorpion

I'm nearly done cataloging all of the channels the company I work for offers at all of the sites with video. They basically had me confirm the station of every channel at about 50 or 60 sites from a slingbox. It was odd that they are having me do this as I have not really watched television consistently for about 8 or 9 years so I'm not really familiar with the shows and I'm really bad with celebrities for movie identification. I was kind of horrified to find that there is an entire reality show based station, perhaps more then one. Also something weird happened to the Learning Channel, they don't seem to do documentaries anymore.

Goal for the week 13hrs
Today work on the dragon  


Stuart had somehow not heard about the giant 8ft prehistoric sea scorpions (Jaekelopterus rhenaniae) they found somewhat recently. So, I thought that I would do those today, then I discovered there were no usable pictures. Finally I got frustrated and decided it would be faster to draw one only to find that there is considerable disagreement as far as how many legs and body segments reconstructions of sea scorpions seem to have. I gave up and drew something that I thought looked kind of like that sea scorpion. The giant sea scorpion was found in Germany and seems to be mostly known from a claw fossil. The rock around the claw suggests that it lived in brackish areas. They may well be the largest invertebrates or at least one of them. It is thought that they would not have been able to support it's weight on land and so would not have been able to leave the water.

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