Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Highfin snake eel

We have a new person at work on my shift I showed him the Elder sign video and he was amused and got the joke, so that bodes well.

goal for the week 15.75
assemble and attach arms for Serenity
paint the new hands to match the rest of the sculpture
perform minor repairs to the rest of the sculpture as needed
If I finish paint boxes

 The highfin snake eel (Ophichthus altipennis) is a poorly studied burrowing eel that ranges from southern Asia to Northern Australia. There are also reported sightings in Madagascar. They tend to lie in wait almost fully submerged in the sand near reefs. They eat small fish and crustaceans and can grow over 2 feet in length. From the picture I gather they sometimes have a symbiotic relationship with cleaner shrimp. The genus Ophichthus are related to morays but tend to be less aggressive and have a more pointed tail which they use to burrow.

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