Friday, April 10, 2009

Elginia mirabilis

The cockroach living room is still outside my place of work though I notice people have been changing the position of the furniture. 

goal for the week 14 hours
work on the dragon

drawing by Arthur Weasley photo by .:sandman

Elginia mirabilis was a small pareiasaur (about 2ft long) from Scotland during the Permian. Pareiasaurs are anapsid reptiles that may well be related to the things that became turtles. Turtles and anapsid reptiles have similar skull types and there is a debate as to whether turtles originated from this very early group or converged to having similar skull type. They have yet to find a lot of transitional turtle fossils aside from the 220 million year old Odontochelys. Elginia mirabilis was though to have been an herbivore and its impressive horns and bony plates were thought to be mostly for display. At the time Scotland likely would have been a desert so it might have been well adapted for dry conditions. It probably was not blue but how would you know.

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