Sunday, April 12, 2009

Plains zebra

I did taxes yesterday having a business really makes taxes unpleasant there were a lot of forms to fill out. I also got a drill press which should make the stop motion puppet project possible.

Goal for the week 6 hrs
carve the new hands for Serenity
Drill large holes into the base of Serenity for adding weights.


There are several origin myths as to how the plains zebra (Equus Quagga) got its stripes. In one version the zebra was depicted as gluttonous and would not stop eating to go and pick up it's distinguishing characteristics from an unspecified creator. The zebra was left with only a striped coat that none of the other animals had wanted. In another story from Botswana zebra and baboon had gotten into a fight as baboon was keeping him from a water hole. Baboon was guarding the water hole as his and had built a fire near it so that he did not even have to leave it at night. During the fight zebra kicked the baboon so hard that when the baboon hit the rocks it scraped all of the fur off of his butt, it also knocked the zebra off balance into the fire which stained his white coat with black stripes. In a Khoi story the zebra has no horns because they were stolen by gemsbok while zebra was sleeping. Gemsbok stole them after zebra had refused to give gemsbok one of his horns. The are also several taboos regarding the eating of zebra meat. For some of the Tonga spotted or striped animals such as zebras must not be eaten by pregnant women or the child might end up marked. The Dubes do not eat the meat of zebras because the zebra is their totem. 

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