Sunday, April 26, 2009

Red-tailed tropic bird

Today we went to see "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" as part of the EbertFest thing going on downtown. This particular movie was put on by the Champaign Mental Health board and somewhat loosely tied to the rest of EbertFest.  It was also the first movie I've ever been where it was announced they had counselors ready if you needed to talk to someone about the movie.

work on the sphinx

The red-tailed tropic bird (Phaeton rubricauda) is an open ocean sea bird found in the Pacific Ocean. They are not terribly related to any of the other living birds though they look to me like penguins with all of the necessary changes needed to make them fly. The red-tailed tropic bird is the largest and rarest of the tropic birds. They generally only exhibit one red streamer feather at a time except during the breeding season when both are displayed. During their mating display they also appear to fly backwards. Their long red feathers were prized by the Maori and occasionally used as trade goods. In Hawaiian mythology the red-tailed tropic bird was the offspring of the gray migrating tern.

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