Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tentacled Snake

Stuart is participating in creating some sort of mass rpg-blogger campaign setting.  He has a few fun civilizations planned. 

Goal for the week 18hrs
Lop off Serenity's arms
Wrap Serenity in bubble wrap
Drill into the base and add the weights
Plug up the drilled holes with apoxy
work on the sphinx

The tentacled snake (Erepeton tentaculatum)from Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam has several unusual features. It is the only reptile that has two heavily muscled moveable tentacles on the front of it head. There tentacles are theorized to be sensory organs not unlike the barbs one would find on a carp. They are venomous, but have short rear fangs and venom that does not have a long lasting effect on humans. They are fully aquatic and have developed an odd J shaped strike pose that gives them maximum power underwater. As an adaptation to underwater life they also are ovoviviparous, meaning that their eggs develop fully internally but their young are fed with a yolk rather then from the mother's body. Their eyes are also very dorsally located for a snake.

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