Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Barnacle Goose

I went and saw the funker vogt show tonight. I've noticed goth and rivethead dancers tend to be strangely considerate of glasses during concerts. Tonight one of people from out of town had his glasses fly off and the whole section of the dance floor stopped and helped him locate them before resuming. I saw something similar happen at a Sisters of Mercy concert where Andrew Eldritch's sunglasses fell off into the crowd during the performance and the crowd politely handed them back rather then tearing them to pieces as one might expect from a concert crowd. Not to say that the crowd tonight was completely considerate there was also this guy that kept trying to crowd surf was got dropped head first at least twice.

Goal for the week 20hrs

The barnacle goose (Branta leucopsis) is a striking black and white goose from Europe. It was once believed that they sprung from gooseneck barnicles (suborder Lepadomorpha) as the barnacles looked a bit like the geese and were believed to grow being found generally on drift wood. The barnacles were seen only in the summer while the geese were seen only in the winter and at that time it was unknown that birds migrate. The monk Giraldus Cambrensis claimed to witness geese springing from the barnacles. The pope also declared them fish because they sprang from barnacles, so they could be eaten on fish days. Actually, in the summer barnicle geese nest on cliffs in the artic. As the babies are not yet able to fly but must feed them selves, the first action a baby barnacle goose must take in life is to leap off a cliff and hope the fluff slows it's fall, quite a lot of them don't die.

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