Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hesperonis regalis

I'm shifting schedules a little I think. I'm going to try to get a longer block of work in at night and sleep during the day.

Goal for the week 14.5 hours
make clay
work on the sphinx


Hesperonis regalis was a prehistoric flightless aquatic bird from the late Cretaceous it was found in the marine limestone from Kansas. It was found in the late 19th center and was an important early find in avian paleontology. It had teeth in it's beak which it used to hold down prey and lobed toes that acted like webbing. Early depictions showed them standing upright like penguins but it is unlikely that they could do that, they may not have been able to walk on land at all. It is thought that they got around on land by sliding on their belly it is also thought that they were migratory as more juveniles were found in northern sites.

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