Monday, March 23, 2009

Rubber eel

I talked to my roommates and I think we will be still doing the April fools party thing for Loki this year. I might end up having to do it the weekend after the day to get more people though.
Goal for the week 20hrs
make clay
poke the guy with the Anubis mask access what needs to be done
work on the sphinx
look into how ventriloquist dummy heads are put together

The rubber eel (Typhlonectes natans) is not a fish at all but is an amphibian from a group of amphibians called Caecilians. Caecilian are a somewhat poorly studied group as most members of the group live underground or are fully aquatic. In the case of the rubber eel, it is is fully aquatic. Rubber eels do much of their respiration through their skin, but also need to breath air.  Like other caecilians they have a second set of jaw muscles to help them keep their mouth closed while burrowing they also have a small tentacle between their eye and nostrils that acts as a chemical sensor. Their teeth are small and hook backward to help them grip their prey you can tell that they are advanced highly evolved caecilians as their mouth is below the center of their head. Earlier caecilians have a mouth that is centered at the terminal end of their head. Rubber eels give birth to live young and embryonic rubber eels have natal teeth that they use to bite the oviduct wall of their mother to cause them to secrete a nourishing substance. They seem to be not uncommon in captivity and I found quite a few care sheets while I was looking into them.

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