Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elephant shark

I've been kind of debating back and forth about learning more about putting together stop motion puppets. I think I'm going to be starting up a very long term project that I work on one day a a week. I have a lot to learn about machining ball and socket joints and such. As far as the one day a week idea I might try it with the boxes too. It occurs to me that I should be producing those at a somewhat more constant rate. I might regulate the days by the animals so they float (also then I could never spread myself thinner then 6 projects). I guess I'll try it and see if it is more or less productive. 

goal for the week 16.5 hrs
go through broken boxes see what I can salvage
match salvagable halves and grind them
glue salvagable halves back together
get together next set for painting and figure out colors
maybe start painting them

Photo by fir0002

re run from livejournal

The elephant shark (Callorhinchus milii) is a strange cartilaginous fish from Australia and new Zealand. It has an long lobed sensory organ hanging off the front of it's face that it uses to detect crustaceans and mollusks on the ocean floor. They can grow to almost 5 ft in length and take 5 years to mature.  The Maori were very fond of them as a food fish and called them Reperepe which means "drooping lips" or in some cases "buttocks". The Elephant shark is also about to have it's Genome sequenced as it has the smallest genome of all living cartilaginous fishes. 

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