Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eastern bloodsucking conenose

I'm having  hard time finding good blocks of time to work on art. I tend to get better results from longer blocks of time. I may start experimenting with new schedules. 

Goal for the week 18.75 hours
make clay
work on the guy with the Anubis head

The eastern bloodsucking conenose (Triatoma sanguisuga) is an assassin bug that ranges all over from the eastern United States to South America. Assassin bugs in general prey on other insects such as cockroaches and bedbugs and a number of the very beneficial north American assassin bugs also have the spots on side and that general body shape so one should take care not to jump to conclusions. The eastern bloodsucking conenose does feed on the blood of vertebrates particularly rats and mice though it is not completely unheard of for them to go after sleeping humans. When they do bite humans it is generally around the mouth. The nymphs have a sticky coating on their body that they use to pick up dust and debris to help camouflage themselves. They are long lived insects and can take 3 years to fully develop. Their feeding bite is generally painless , but they should  be handled  carefully as they also have a defensive bite that is very painful and can cause nausea and in some cases severe allergic reactions. 


  1. Hrm... I just found one of these creatures in my living-room. The one that I found, however, is a younger specimen--still in an earlier instar, having not yet formed its blood spots. We thought that there were bed-bugs for a while until we found this conenose as our "kissing" culprit.

  2. Just found one in my Bedroom...not a quieting even...

  3. These guys creep me out because they can carry a parasite (although rare in the USA) that causes the sickness Chagas disease.