Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blue crested lizard

The Comptia website has very fast shipping. I got my book in less then 12 hours of ordering. I think that is a record.

goal for the week 12.75 hrs
really need to make sketches
work on dragon 

Ok, this one is a bit of a "look pretty shiny lizard" article, they do not really do any tricks, nor biolumenese, they are not the sacred to the god of corn. It is shiny isn't it. The blue crested lizard (Calotes mystaceus) is a 15 inch bloodsucker agamid from southeast Asia they are also occasionally seen in the Florida everglades as an invasive species. No one can really agree on a common name for this lizard I've seen at least 6 in use so far. They are arboreal insectivores and the males tend to be more brightly colored then the females. They can also undergo a color change when stressed or excited. They are strangely not at all popular in the pet hobby despite the popularity of agamids. They have been occasionally found to be infected with mud fever (Dermatophilus congolensis), but this does not seem to be a common occurrence. 

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