Sunday, March 1, 2009

Devil Flower Mantis

Goal for the week 5.25 hrs
sanding boxes

Today I thought I would cover one of the weird mantis of the world as they are many and worth looking at. The Devil flower mantis (Blepharopsis mendica) is a two and a half inch mantis from north Africa and the Canary islands. They specialize in flying insects which they snap out of the air from a camouflaged position. They are not very long lived the males only live about 6 months and the female can make it about 11 months. The Devil flower mantis pictured above is a nymph as they mature their abdomens straighten out and they grow large spotted wings. They seem to be somewhat popular in captivity among collectors of mantises. One keeper of these insects noted that it was a shame that they could not run on a hamster wheel so they may be very active for mantises (or that person might be odd).

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