Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American coot

I got an email from Lunacon looks like I got in so I will be doing that con. I'll put up an announcement in the Necropolis Studios journal with the dates and what not tonight after 10pm. 

Goal for the week 17hrs
work on the figure with the Anubis mask
fill our art show forms for Lunacon so that the work can be mailed off tomorrow

The American coot (Fulica americana) is a rail from southern and western North America. They are the only social rails, they tend to live in large flocks and have fairly complicated vocalizations. They also have great feet the lobes on either side act like a webbed foot they often swim in a duck-like manner. Of all of the rails they are some of the best adapted to life in the water, as a consequence they are clumsy fliers and can not take off from a standing start. They have a tendency to bob there head while walking and swimming in a somewhat chicken-like manner, they do this to help judge distance. Nesting American coots have and odd tendency to lay some of their eggs in the nests of other nesting American coots. They are also known to steal food from other water birds. 

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