Friday, February 13, 2009

Superb lyrebird

I ended up contacting a different con since I missed Capricon. It looks like I'm sending to Lunacon instead.  It looks like Jason is dropping the game Stuart and I are running but we may be getting Bill. That could be odd.

goal for the week 12 hrs
fill out forms for Lunacon
send stuff to Lunacon

The superb lyrebird (Menura novaehollandie) is one of the best mimics in existence, of all of the passerines they have the most complex muscle set up in their syrinx allowing them to make a vast variety of noises. They are also able to carry two tunes at the same time, in one case a lyrebird was recorded going through the tunes of "the Keel Row" and "Mosquito's Dance" simultaneously. It is also thought to be able to produce the loudest bird call among passerines. The superb lyrebird is native to southeastern Australia and they are the third largest songbirds at the size of a chicken. Fossils of lyrebirds dating back 15 million years have been found so the genus is very old. 

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  1. Ah Attenborough...
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