Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hooded pitohui

I discovered today that one of the types of boxes I had gotten came all defective the lids won't shut. I've had to break them all open (a thing I only do in a way I can save them about 50% of the time) and will have to rework them.  

still sanding 
repair some of the boxes that had lids that would not close


Rerun from livejournal
The hooded pitohui (Pitohui dichrous) was the first poisonous bird discovered and is the most poisonous of all known birds. Hooded pitohuis  acquire their complex alkaloid toxin through their diet, in a similar manner to a poison dart frog. The toxin is concentrated in the feathers it causes a hot burning sensation that affects the body's nervous tissue when ingested. When threatened they also release a pungent smell. Hooded pitohui are found in New Guinea in rainforest habitats.  These birds also breed in cooperative groups during one study of a nest in 1995 the researchers were mobbed by five of the birds. They retreated and later observed the group cooperatively feeding the young. Hooded pitohui also occasionally flock with other species of birds such as Raggiana birds of Paradise (Paradissae raggiana) these birds benefit from the hooded pitohui's toxin. The Kalam in New Guinea call this bird the wobob and evoke it in their war magic for its agility in dodging arrows. Wobob also refers to an uncomfortable itchy skin disease.

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