Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My place of work is having me take several certifications that I'm not prepared for very soon. This could be a very expensive way to get fired if I do not pass. I wish I knew exactly which certifications I needed to get next month so I could pick up some books to study. The problem being that they are still debating that.

goal for the week 15.5 hrs
still sanding

In ancient Egyptian mythology the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) is associated with the goddess Mafdet who was a cheetah headed goddess of legal justice and protection from venomous animals. The Zulu associated the cheetah with the occult and things beyond understanding. In that culture if the people presented their chief with a kaross made of cheetah skin it had a very specific meaning that they were loyal, but did not understand their leader. The legend about the lazy hunter that stole the mother cheetahs cubs causing her to cry until her eye became permanently stained also comes from the Zulu.  The Greek god Dionysus is sometimes depicted being carried in a chariot pulled by cheetahs. They Mughal empire associated cheetahs with royalty and elegance and occasionally used them for hunting in a manner similar to a falconer.

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