Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jumping spider (Phidippus mystaceus)

Goal for the week 18hrs
still sanding (I think I may go insane)
start thinking about concepts for new fine art pieces

I saw a photoshopped version of this photo  and it was bugging me what species it was. I thought it was especially weird since it only had two eyes up front (it turns out that was photoshop). I found out it is a female Phidippus mystaceus the males tend to be more orange. They are small adorable jumping spiders with sort of curved range from around Texas to the East coast in North America, they tend to be uncommon in their range. Their species name is greek for mustache and refers to their little tuffs and thier genus name mean "one who spares horses" for reasons I'm not sure about (one wonders if there is a story there). They breed in the spring and hunt by stalking.  Other then that they don't seem to have been really studied at all.

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