Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sea Angel

I've been playing with the last fm website. They seem to have a pretty good selection. I've not had the problems that Grace described so far, only a little  Alien Sex Fiend so far, mostly from Corpus Delicti. So far one band I will need to check out Zeraphine it looks to be a few of the members of Dreadful Shadows in a new project. If you are not familiar with Dreadful Shadows and enjoy goth music I recommend them highly.

goal for the week 16hrs
get the stuff picked out for Capricon
inspect and touch up anything that needs it
fill out forms for Capricon

photo by Matt Wilson

The sea angel (Clione limacina) is a free swimming sea slug that lives in northern arctic waters. It is the largest of the cliones reaching a maximum length of 5cm. They feed almost exclusively on sea butterflies, thecosomatous, they do this by approaching the sea butterfly then shooting 6 tentacle-like buccal cones from the top of their head. They are mutual hermaphrodites and when they meet will fertilize one another. They then lay their eggs in free floating gelatinous masses. I think the video below does a better job describing the weirdness of this animal then I can.

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  1. The link no longer works due to the lawyers of the Fuji Television Network, Inc. Wow, really smart lawyers. Keep up the good work, guys.