Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ocean sunfish

Goal for the week 18.5 hours
take out the recycling (not art but I really need to remember to do this)
sand boxes


The ocean sunfish (mola mola) is the largest bony fish at over a ton, the heaviest recorded was over 4900lbs,  Molas occur around the oceans worldwide. Molas are related to pufferfish and their larva still retain vestigial spines that are lost later in life. Despite originating from bony fish they have lost a lot of their hardened bone for cartilaginous tissues this lightens them making their large size more practical.  They are omnivores that eat largely open ocean invertebrates like ctenophores and jellyfish. Plastic bags are a real problem for them as they have a tendency to eat them and then starve to death unable eat with the plastic bag stuck in their stomach, they also have a tendency to get stuck in fishing nets. They tend to be a favorite among divers for their impressive size and extremely docile natures. In some parts of the world they are considered a delicacy.

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