Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baryonyx walkeri

I had sort of a relapse yesterday. Lets see I can make it through work today.

(lets try this again)
goal for the week 14hrs
get the stuff picked out for Capricon
inspect and touch up anything that needs it
fill out forms for Capricon

photo by Ballista

Baryonyx walkeri was a 4 ton theropod from the area that became England that combines the fishing techniques of a crocodilian and a grizzly bear, it was sort of like a crocobear if you will. Why are there no bad horror movies about this creature? Baryonyx may have fished by sweeping fish out of the water with its powerful claws and then catching them in it's specialized jaw. The position of it's nostril in the middle of it snout was also thought to have helped it breath while it's snout was have submerged. It is also thought that Baryonyx scavenged as well as the most complete fossil had the bones of a young iguanodon in its stomach along with the remains of fish. It is one of the only two known dinosaurs to specialize in fish and was the first carnivorous dinosaur found in England. 

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