Monday, February 16, 2009

Honey bee

Goal to the week 20hrs
sanding still

photo by Teone!

The honey bee (Apis mellifera) plays a very important role in many mythologies. For the ancient Egyptians honey bees came from the tears of Ra. They were vaguely associated with his mother Neith a weaver and war goddess and they were also associated with the rule of Lower Egypt. A major Minoan goddess Potnia a mistress of the animals was also associated with the honey bee. Mycenaean tombs were shaped like bee hives as bees symbolized the transition between life and death.  In Greek mythology Zeus was fed honey by the nymph Melissa while he was being hidden from Cronus. He gave the honey bee its sting for feeding him while he escaped Cronus. In the Homeric Hymn to Apollo, his gift for prophecy was given to him by the Thriae, three bee nymphs.

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