Saturday, May 2, 2009

Western Tree Hyrax

I may take a few days off of art to take care of life and moving stuff. 

goal for the week (not going to happen)

The western tree Hyrax (Dendrohyrax dorsalis) is a small mammal from western and central Africa that of the other living mammals today (besides other hyraxes) is most closely related to elephants. Hyraxes are not directly related to elephants but represent a different branch of mammals that developed off of the prehistoric giant hyracoids. Like elephants they have similar foot pads and toenails, there are also skeletal similarities. Hyraxes also have enlarged incisors which are very rodent-like. Tree hyraxes are arboreal and can use their foot pads to cling to branches. Unlike other hyraxes the western tree hyrax is mostly nocturnal. They are mostly herbivores but will on occasion also eat insects. Chimpanzees in Bossou Guinea have occasionally been observed to capture western tree hyraxes then carry them around for several hours occasionally grooming the hyrax and the Chimpanzees were not observed eating the hyraxes durning these sessions.

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