Friday, May 8, 2009

Iberomesornis romerali

Today was sort of mind numbing at work. It should be slowing down with finals wrapping up. Maybe I will try to get out of the house tonight. Stuart and I got into a strangely long conversation about clove cigarette smell last night. I do have kind of a weird story regarding that. I was walking to the ceramics lab  during the period when I was getting my BA and it was way out in the middle of no-where in some metal shacks near the agriculture departments test fields and livestock. It was just dark and there was no breeze and I was on a road between a large empty field and a tiny cemetery. I hit this patch of clove cigarette smell on the middle of the road that was about ten feet in diameter and intensely strong like someone had smoked a whole pack of them. It was very concentrated to this one little spot. There was no one around and it really was not a good place to have done so no where to sit it was just in this big empty field no where near the entrance to the cemetery and not inside it at all. It was kind of a mystery did someone just stop in the middle of this road smoke multiple cloves then move on, stop smoke a bunch of cigarettes and drop a bottle of essential oil, invisible goth? I probably need better mysteries.

still off


Iberomesornis romerali was an enantiornithine bird from the early Cretaceous that was found in Spain in 1985. It was about the size of a sparrow and while it retained a few unbirdlike characteristics like wing claws and teeth it was capable of true flight. Enantiornithine birds are also different from modern birds also in that their shoulder bones have a concave-convex configuration that is the inverse of modern birds.

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