Friday, May 8, 2009

The Blue Dragon

I went to Stitches tonight. Tonight we worried Rick that Bill may be trying to steal his pancreas with the aid of two priests. We also had a very drunk man ask us if we were alive. 

still off


The blue dragon (Glaucus Atlanticus) is the only sea slug in the genus Glaucus, it travels along upside-down being held aloft by a gas bubble in it's stomach. It is a part of a group of organisms dubbed "the blue fleet" by Sir Alistair Hardy. They are open ocean invertebrates that travel around colonies of Portuguese man-o-wars and other Cnidarians being carried by the wind. The blue dragon is much smaller then the Portuguese man-o-war but is actually one of it's predators, it is completely immune to the venom. Upon eating a Portuguese man-o-war it actually stores the venom in at the tip of it's cerata, those wing-like structures, in a more concentrated form which makes it far more venomous then the man-o-war. The name Glaucus comes from a greek sea god translate to the color of the sea.

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