Thursday, May 14, 2009


feeling kind of depressed lately, Stuart too.

goal for the week 19hrs
maybe paint some boxes


The Hairyfish (Mirapinna esau) is a fish with hair-like projections covering it's body that was found near the Azores islands in 1956. The species is known from only one collected female specimen that was a little over 2 inches long . They are thought to live in open water at about 13,000 feet below the surface. It was grouped with the tapetail whalefish and is thought to eat mostly copepods. The species was named after the biblical character Esau whose defining characteristics seem to be that he was hairy and had sort of a lentil fixation. There is currently debate as to whether this fish is a separate species from Procetichthys kreffti (another whalefish which is also known from only one specimen) or if it is the post-larva form of P.kreffti. They are occasionally mentioned when people are discussing legendary fur bearing trout as an actual "fur" bearing fish.

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