Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Work at my day job did not go so well yesterday. The place has been getting uncomfortably sexist for a while, I sort of passively expressed my concerns to the manager and felt very dismissed. I think he assumes that because I am not bothered by explicit comments that are not directed at me that I also don't care when they indirectly insult my competence by making general comments about women. Perhaps I will try being more direct.

goal for the week 19hrs

work on the dragon

C walking with Beasts TM & C BBC 2001
Macrauchenia (Macrauchenia patagonica) was the last in a line of prehistoric ungulates called Litopterna from South America. The first fossils of it were found by Charles Darwin on the Beagle voyage he identified it as a giant Llama. It turns out that it was not related to Llamas particularly, and really has no close modern relatives. They ate mostly foliage and were eaten by mostly terror birds. Macrauchenia seemed to be built for making fast turns despite having feet like a rhino. Their nostrils were not in the trunk as one would think but actually on the top of their heads.

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