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This blog is intended for me to help track my own art progress and help me to meet art goals. In addition I will be posting a neat animal on weekdays because I like animals and think that will help bribe me to keep this up. If you read this the last time I did this I may reuse some of the old animal posts but most of them will be new. I somehow feel less silly doing this in blogger, then in live journal.

Art goal this week 20hrs
Items for today
-start blog
-begin "day of the dead box" commission- sculpt skull and bone to be cast
-work on wax dragon

Neat animal
I'm going to do pumas today as they are my favorite animals and it seems best to start off with them. Since they are well known and everybody probably knows all about the biology of pumas or could look it up easily. I'll just focus on the mythology from various cultures

Puma stands guard over the city of Machu picchu along with the condor (Incan). He guards the underworld and eats the sun (Andean). He screams with the voice of a human woman and drinks the blood of livestock (European). He stands at the center of the lodge and each of his limbs hold the power of one of the seasons of the year (Ho-chunk). He moves with no footprints and carefully wipes them out behind him when they are left (european). His scream is the harbinger of death (Apache). He was given the longest bow by Kareya and declared the most powerful of the animals (Kartok).

The sungate a Puma Punka probably in assoication with the god Viracocha who is associated with pumas

Puma over Machu Picchu

Incan puma vessel

Sound of a puma screaming

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