Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lesser Tree Shrew

Didn't get much done yesterday. I think I put the skull for the "misfits" box somewhere I would be able to find it later

Art Goal for the week 19 hrs
-find the skull for the box that I had finished
-get approval and fix/or cast it if I can find it
-work on dragon


The lesser tree shrew (Tupaia minor) is native to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Stuart and I were introduced to them recently at the National Zoo and thought that they were adorable. One of them was chasing this crested partridge about twice it's size. The bird did not seem terribly bothered by this, they kept it up for about 10 minutes. Despite being called tree shrews they are actually not related to shrews and are actually closer to prosimians. There is debate as the whether they belong in the same group as primates or with insectivores. They are omnivores that eat mostly arthropods and fruit. The lesser tree shrew is an important seed disperser for the wild fig trees. Some tree shrews enjoy alcohol quite a bit and have an incredible alcohol tolerance, but I can't find information as to whether that applies to this species as well.

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