Monday, December 22, 2008

Demon Duck of Doom

I have to visit my relatives this week so it will not be an art week, but I'm hoping to still update the blog. Yesterday I got 212 wooden boxes for the eyeball boxes, so I have some serious sanding in my future.

work on Dragon a little


The demon duck of doom (Bullockornis planei) was a giant flightless relative of waterfowl that once inhabited Australia. They were possibly the some of the heaviest birds that ever lived. Demon Ducks were around 2.5 meters tall and could weigh over 600 lbs. Given their impressive powerful beak and giant skull they were probably omnivores that ate things such as difficult to open fruit, nuts, and giant wombats. Their running speed may have been comparable to emus. Just thinking about the unpleasant attitude of large water fowl like geese and even more so swans, one has to wonder how terrifyingly aggressive these guys were. Could you imagine a 600lb animal that could easily rip your thigh off your body with the mentality of a Swan, stuff of nightmares.

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