Monday, December 15, 2008

Pink velvet worm

I'm hoping I will do a bit better on the art front this week then last. I got kind of tied up into gaming last week. I joined Mike's game and it took me a strangely long time to make a level 2 Warlock and I had my own game to run as well. I had sort of an unexpected surprise as one of my coworkers approached me on Friday and asked if he could come in to the game for a one shot. So planning took me quite a bit longer then usual so that I could work him in.

Goal for the week 20 hours
work on dragon


Speaking of D & D I think a giant version of this animal would make a great monster. The pink velvet worm (Opisthopatus roseus) is a critically endangered invertebrate left over from the Cambrian period that inhabits South Africa. Velvet worms are odd creatures that represent a link between segmented worms and arthropods. They are segmented with a fluid filled, soft scale covered body that supports itself with hydrostatic pressure. This pressure also makes their legs ridged and allows them to move by stretching and contracting their bodies. They also have a hard retractable claw on each stub leg as well as a pair of hardened mandibles. Velvet worms also give live birth and in most, but not, all cases have two sexes. They are nocturnal predators that hunt by spraying strings of sticky liquid at insects and spiders then puncturing them and filling them with digestive fluid.

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