Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goblin Shark

I saw a brown recluse in the attic and I managed to let it outside. Posts are going to be kind of irregular I'm moving.

I'm not sure.


The goblin shark is a pinkish deep sea shark with a protrusible jaw that has been found in many places around the world. The large snout contains electro-sensitive organs which it uses to find prey. It was called a "tenguzame" by Japanese fishermen as their long snout resembled the long noses of certain tengu. They have no swim bladder like a basking shark. So far, they have not done well in captivity the longest one has survived in captive conditions being only a week.

1 comment:

  1. You managed to let it outside? From the attic?
    How, pray tell, did you do it?

    I mean, did you saunter unconcernedly over to a window and admire the afternoon sun, and - being joined by the toxic, yet inquisitive beast - proceed to push it out the window? I can't imagine a recluse consenting to vacate without a fuss, a major fuss.